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Drought Information

NEW! Click here for information from the Drought Management Training held June 20th.
NEW! Special video on Harvesting Drought Stressed Corn for Forage.

This page is designed to complement the drought information clearinghouse located at In addition to providing links to forage-related drought management publications, newsletters, and news articles, this page provides information about emergency forage production (i.e., summer annual forages) and links to internet-based hay directories.

Quick Links to Weather and Climate Information

Georgia Weather Network
Climate Prediction Center (National Weather Service)
Seasonal Weather Outlook from the NWS

Regional Meetings on Management during Drought

More Information (from 2007)

Online Hay Directories/Markets

Georgia Farm Bureau Hay Directory (GFB home)
Internet Hay Exchange

Winter Annuals For Emergency Forage Production

Late Plantings of Winter Annual Forages

Summer Annuals For Emergency Forage Production

Warm Season Annual Grasses for Emergency Forage Production
2007 Summer Annual Forage Yield Trials - (UGA Statewide Variety Testing Program)

Publications and Articles on Drought-Related Issues:

Income Tax Management Alternatives for Weather-Related Sales of Livestock
UGA Alternative Feedstuffs Economics Calculator*
Harvesting Summer Annual Forage Crops
Managing Forage Systems during a Drought
Forage Water Use
Ammoniation of Hay*
Download the Ammoniation Hay Calculator
Harvesting Freeze (or Drought) Damaged Small Grains for Forage
Nitrate Toxicity
Managing Toxic Forages
Preparing for the Next Drought
Forage Use and Grazing Herd Management during a Drought

Beef Cattle
Drought Management Strategies for Beef Cattle
Which Cows Do I Sell?
Feeding Drought Damaged Cotton & Peanut Crops (PDF)
Water Requirements and Quality Issues for Cattle
Hay Replacement Rations for Cows and Early Weaned Calves
Drought Related Cattle Feeding Problems
Feeding Straw to Beef Cattle
UGA Beef Team

Dairy Cattle
Rations with Limited Forage
Feeding Whole Cottonseed to Dairy Cows and Replacements
Use of Alfatoxin Containing Feeds in Dairy Ration
Nitrate Toxicity and Prussic Acid Poisoning In Dairy Cattle*
Strategies for Extending Forage Inventories for Dairy Producers

Providing Roughage for Horses with Limited Hay Supplies
Dealing with Hay Shortages.ppt

Other Quick Links

Georgia Ag Statistics Services' Crop (and Pasture) Condition Reports

Monthly & Seasonal Outlook Maps (National Weather Service)
Forage/Feed Testing (FEW Laboratory - UGA AESL)