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Georgia Forages' Conference - 2016

Forage production is the heart of Georgia’s livestock industry. Our diverse forage systems are some of the best in the world. For the fifth straight year, the Georgia Cattlemen's Annual Convention begins with a focus on forages with the Georgia Forages' Conference starting off the week’s events. This Conference is planned for March 30, 2015 at the Georgia National Fairgrounds (directions) in Perry, GA. This event allows us to team up with the Georgia Cattlemen's Association to offer a new learning opportunity in combination with the GCA's annual cattlemen's convention.

Forage Conference at GCA

Whether you are just getting your forage program up to speed or have the best forage program in the county, we invite you to attend the 5th Annual Georgia Forages Conference at the GCA Convention. For more information or to register for the event, visit or call 478-474-6560. Visit the GCA Convention and Trade Show website for more details on this program, as well as all the other exciting programs being offered at this year's convention!


Regular Registration:

$40 for Wednesday program & lunch (but while there, check out all the other exciting programs being offered at this year's convention!)

Registration for the Forage Conference covers a notebook and other resourses available as handouts. For more information visit or call 478-474-6560.

Pesticide credits


Program Details

Program materials can be viewed and downloaded here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016:

9:30            Registration Opens

10:00          Welcome and Introductions


Dr. Dennis Hancock, Assoc. Professor and State Forage Ext. Specialist

Will Bentley, Exec. VP, Georgia Cattlemen’s Association

Roy Deason, Pres. Georgia Forage and Grassland Council



Warm Season Annual Forage Options

10:15          Overview of Warm Season Annual Forage Options*

                  Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA Forage Ext. Specialist

10:45          Selecting Warm Season Annual Forage Varieties*

                  Deidre Harmon, PhD Student, UGA Crop & Soil Sci.; Ani. and Dairy Sci. Depts

11:00          Warm Season Annual Forages for Finishing Beef Cattle: Forage and Animal Production*

                  Deidre Harmon, PhD Student

11:30          Warm Season Annual Forages for Finishing Beef Cattle: Beef Quality*

                  Dr. Alex Stelzleni, Assoc. Professor, Animal and Dairy Sciences Dept.

12:00                Lunch Break (Visit Display Area)

Pest Management Update

1:00            Cool and Warm Season Annual Forage Insects

                  Dr. David Buntin, Professor and Extension Entomologist

1:30            Bermudagrass Stem Maggot: Agronomic Research Update*

                  Dr. Bill Anderson, USDA-ARS Tifton

2:00            Bermudagrass Stem Maggot: Control Options*

                  Dr. Will Hudson, Professor and Extension Entomologist

2:30            Break (Visit Sponsor Booths)                        

Raising Replacement Heifers and Stocker Cattle

3:00            Overview of Forage Options for Yearlings*

                  Dr. Dennis Hancock, Extension Forage Agronomist

3:30            Winter Annual Forage Systems: Current Research*

                  Dr. Jennifer Tucker, Asst. Professor, Animal and Dairy Sci. Dept.

Georgia Forages’ Producers’ Forum

4:00            Introduction to the Georgia Forage and Grassland Council


Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA Forage Ext. Specialist

Roy Deason, Pres. Georgia Forage and Grassland Council



4:15            Presentations from Producers from Around Georgia

                  Speakers to be determined

5:00            Dismiss

Beef Cattle Commission* indicates a topic which will include data from research and demonstrations that were funded by the Georgia Beef Commission (also known as the Agricultural Commodity Commission for Beef).