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Georgia Grazing School - 2010

The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service will host its annual grazing school on Sept. 21 and 22 in Perry, GA at the Houston County Extension Office (map). This two-day workshop will focus on soil fertility, forage crop establishment, plant growth, animal nutrient requirements, and management-intensive grazing.

Training will take place in both classroom and field settings. Multiple classroom lectures addressing plant and grazing management will be combined with local farm visits to nearby grazing operations. Demonstrations of fencing and watering options will highlight valuable management practices for livestock producers. (See Agenda.)


Cost of the two day program is $150 and includes lunches, breaks, a grazing school handbook, a forage and weed ID handbook, and a copy of Southern Forages 4th Edition textbook. Participants are responsible for lodging. Registration is limited to 35 participants; accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cows Grazing School

Topics Covered in the Classroom

  • Forage yield, distribution, and quality
  • Soil fertility and nutrient cycling
  • Using organic and alternative fertilizer sources
  • Weed control and management strategies
  • Managing surplus forage
  • Supplementing pasture-based nutrition
  • Manipulating forage growth and animal behavior
  • Grazing systems, methods, and design
  • Fencing, water, and shade system considerations
  • Pasture condition scoring
  • Economics of managed grazing systems


Grazing School Calhoun Grazing School Outside

Hands-On Learning Experiences

Participants will visit two farms practicing managed grazing in the Perry/Central Georgia area. In addition to learning how these operations are successfully using sound grazing principles, there will be several hands-on learning experiences. Topics addressed in the field will be:

  • Paddock planning exercise
  • Electric fence system design
  • In-pasture cooling systems
  • Pasture composition and scoring exercise
  • Estimating available forage


Registration for the conference is required because of limited space. Click here to visit the web-based registration system (you can pay online or have an invoice sent to you). Regisration is limited to the first 35 participants and is offered on a "First Come, First Served" basis. Spaces fill up fast, so register as soon as possible. The registration deadline is September 15. (UGA Extension Agents seeking to register should contact Carla Wood at 706-583-0347.)


The topics covered section above provides a basic overview of the Grazing School. However, the full agenda is now available here.



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