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Southeast Hay Convention 2014Southeast Hay Convention 2014 Logo

The 6th Southeast Hay Convention was held on March 11-12, 2014 at the Oconee County Civic Center in Watkinsville, GA. The event followed on the resounding success of our previous programs. Here is a link to the AGENDA. More information is below.

Program Details

The 2014 Southeast Hay Convention is valuable to serious hay producers who seek to learn more about modern hay-making techniques. This program is dedicated to those who are serious about commercial hay production and those who would like a thorough, "A to Z coverage" of the subject. We pride ourselves in the fact that this training is unique in the Southeast, as it is essentially the only program of its kind.

Below is an outline of the major topics that were covered. Click the link for more information about the topic.

  1. Fertilization Outlook for Hay Producers
  2. Climate Outlook and Implications for the Hay Market
  3. Hay Production Outlook
  4. Problem Weeds and What to Do About Them
  5. Problem Insects and What to Do About Them
  6. Forage Bermudagrass Varieties for Southeastern Hay Producers
  7. Alfalfa Production in the South
  8. Cool Season Grass Options
  9. How to Cut, Cure, and Handle High Quality Hay
  10. Hay Storage Systems
  11. Preventing Hay Molding and Heating
  12. Understanding Forage Quality
  13. Improving Forage Quality
  14. Keys to Making Baled Silage
  15. Economics of Baled Silage
  16. Categorizing Hay for Sale Using Quality Standards
  17. Evaluating New Hay Enterprises
  18. Meeting Quality Demands for the Horse Market
  19. Introduction to the Bermudagrass Stem Maggot
  20. Are Some Varieties Better than Others? Are Some Regions Worse than Others?
  21. What Management Strategies Can Be Employed
  22. Soils of the Southeast and Key Considerations for Hay Producers
  23. Benefits of Gypsum in Forage Production
  24. Fine-Tuning Forage Fertilization
  25. Effect of Polymer-Coated Urea on Bermudagrass Forage Production



Sponsor logos - America's Alfalfa, Agrotain, Inland Tarp & Liner, Dow AgroSciences, Du Pont

Additional financial support provided by: DuPont Crop Protection, Southern Silage, Wax Seed Company, Gallagher Company, Valent USA, and Pennington Seed, Inc.


Link to the USDA-AMS's report on Current Production Costs and Hay Prices in the Southeast.

"Southern Forages" was an integral part of the 2014 SE Hay Convention because it is an excellent resource for hay and pasture producers in the South. To get your own copy of "Southern Forages", you can order straight from the publisher (International Plant Nutrition Institute) by clicking here. Their website also has a more in depth description of the book and its content.