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Stockering Beef Cattle: Adding Value to Georgia's Beef Industry

Crawford and Thomasville, GA - July 2009

As an all-inclusive program for prospective and current stocker operations, specialists from the University of Georgia organized a presentation addresing risk management, forage options, health programs, and basic herd management and nutrition of stocker cattle. Hoping to introduce a profitable aspect of beef production to cow-calf famers, this program outlines the major topics of concern present in a stocker operation. For your convenience, handouts for each topic and web-based audio and video links are available beside each outline section. The videos downloadable versions and available in Quicktime (*.mov) and Windows Media Player (*.wmv) formats.

Outline of Program

  Understanding Risk Management in Stocker Operations (pdf)
Video (.mov or .wmv)
Audio Only (.mp3)
  Curt Lacy, Extension Livestock Economist
  -Risk versus Uncertainty  
  -Retained Ownership (RO)  
  -Sample Budgets  
  -Cost of Gain versus Value of Gain (CG v. VG)  
  -Predicting Future Prices  
  Developing a Forage Plan for Stocker Cattle (pdf) Video (.mov or .wmv)
Audio Only (.mp3)
  Dennis Hancock, Forage Extension Specialist
  -Gain per Acre versus Average Daily Gain  
  -Forage Quality  
  -Observations of Stocker Productivity-Major System Types  
  -Ten Habits of Highly Successful Forage Production  
  Developing a Health Program for Stocker Cattle (pdf) Video (.mov or .wmv)
Audio Only (.mp3)
  Roger Ellis, Beef Cattle Veterinarian
  -Objectives of a Successful Stocker Program  
  -Stocker Health Management  
  -Disease and Parasite Management  
  -Beef Quality Assurance (BQA)  
Stocker Cattle Management and Nutrition (pdf)
Video (.mov or .wmv)
Audio Only (.mp3)
  Lawton Stewart, Extension Beef Nutritionist
  -Basic Management Plan  
  -Sources/Prices for Stockers  
  -Ration Balancing  
  -Identification and Record-Keeping  


Download the entire notebook from this meeting here. (pdf)



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