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Strategies for Tight Budgets and Minimal Risk:
Regional Forage Trainings - 2009

The economic times are tough on the forage-based livestock producer. However, there are many things that producers can do to deal with tight budgets and to minimize the risks involved in their production system. Extension Specialists, County Extension Agents, and staff from the University of Georgia and Clemson University organized a series of regional meetings that were held in several locations across Georgia and South Carolina. These meetings addressed the strategies that forage-based livestock producers can implement to survive the current economic crisis. For your convenience, handouts for the topic and web-based audio and video links are available beside each outline topic. The videos downloadable versions and available in Quicktime (*.mov) and Windows Media Player (*.wmv) formats.

Outline of Program (2 hrs)

  Costs, Risks and Wise Spending in the Cow-Calf Enterprise (pdf)
Video (.mov or .wmv)
Audio Only (.mp3)
  Curt Lacy, Extension Livestock Economist
  - Examine the effect of input prices (past, current, and projections)  
  - Calculate the true cost of cattle and hay production  
  - Make smart spending and management decisions  
  Hay Storage and Feeding Losses (pdf)
Video (.mov or .wmv)
Audio Only (.mp3)
  Lawton Stewart, Extension Beef Nutritionist
  - Their effect on overall forage use efficiency  
  - Storage and feeding options  
  - Baled silage benefits  
  Grazing Management Strategies to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Risk (pdf)

Video (.mov or .wmv)
Audio Only (.mp3)

  John Andrae, Forage Extension Specialist, Clemson University
  - Improve forage use efficiency  
  - Improve nutrient cycling  
  - Planning for fall/winter  
Making Your Fertilizer Investment Less Risky and More Efficient (pdf)

Video (.mov or .wmv)
Audio Only (.mp3)

  Dennis Hancock, Forage Extension Specialist
  - Comparing nutrient sources  
  - Control of N volatilization  
  - Use of legumes  
  Using Poultry Litter for Fertility on Pastures and Hayfields (pdf)
Video (.mov or .wmv)
Audio Only (.mp3)
  Julia Gaskin, Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator
  - Broiler and hen litter  
  - Fertilization effects on weed encroachment  

Download the entire notebook from these meetings here. (pdf - 12.5 MB)



Southern Region Risk Management Education Center University of Georgia Cooperative Extension

CSREES Clemson Extension