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Thank You to Our Plot Harvester Sponsors

Some time ago, we put out a plea for help. The forage plot harvester that we use had just been rebuilt and we had used up all of the spare parts that we had or could find. We had found an alternative that is capable of harvesting our research plots on level ground AND the rougher terrain of our hayfields and pastures at another university. The only problem was we were a little short. It was for sale for $40,000 and we could only piece together $35,000.

My plea didn't fall on deaf ears. We had several folks, including producers, companies, scientists, livestock foundations, and commodity commissions who stepped up. This webpage is dedicated to them as a small token of our thanks.

We are sincerely thankful and incredibly grateful to these benefactors. Their contributions for the greater good have made all the difference.

Organizational Sponsors

Agricultural Commodity Commission for Equine (link)

The Agricultural Commodity Commission for Equine is a non-profit organization dedicated to the equine industry of Georgia. The ACCE works to ensure that, through promotion, education and research, the equine industry of Georgia will be effective and meaningful.

The Agricultural Commodity Commission for Equine (ACCE) was created by Senate Bill 380, which was passed by the Georgia General Assembly in 2006. The exclusive purpose of the ACCE is for promotion, research and education to benefit Georgia's equine industry. Revenue for operating the commission is primarily from the sale of a special equine license plate, but the ACCE has the authority to accept donations, gifts, grants and other funds or property. Please visit their website to support their efforts. equine tag


Georgia Cattlemen's Foundation (link)

The Georgia Cattlemen's Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports educational programs and efforts to encourage students to participate in careers in the cattle industry. They are also the group behind the annual Beef Industry Scholarship Challenge contest among students interested in careers in the cattle industry and the Georgia Cattlemen's Foundation scholarship which provides scholarships to students pursuing careers in the cattle industry. We encourage you to donate to their organization as they strive to support the future of our industry. Contact Josh White at the Georgia Cattlemen's Association for more information.

Private Donors

We are extremely grateful to our private donors. These are producers who have donated from their own funds because they believe in what we are doing. Words cannot express how humbling it is to know that we have their trust. Of course, we approach every purchase with diligence, knowing that our funding is from taxpayers who deserve to have their tax dollars invested properly. But, it is a great encouragement to know there are those who value our efforts enough to give more.

Grassy Flats Dairy and Jumping Gully Dairy (Al and Desiree Wehner), Pavo, Georgia

Huntland Farms (Betts and Charlie Berry), Chickamauga, Georgia

Becky Mills, Cuthbert, Georgia