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UGA Forage Extension Team
The process of preserving quality forage is an art. In this process there are factors that we cannot control, i.e. the weather, but the type of bale wrap we choose can be controlled. Many times, our choice of bale wrap comes from our personal preference or the machinery that is...
UGA Forage Extension Team
As agriculturalists, our main goal is to produce the best and most productive crop for the least amount of money. As a cattle producer, we often make decisions about our herd by selecting genetics from a wide variety of traits including weaning weights, birth weights, milk production, average daily gain,...
UGA Forage Extension Team

If you do a Google search for Sericea Lespedeza (Lespedeza cuneata), you will see results ranging from articles about controlling it as a weed, touting it as a highly invasive forb that creates a tremendous seed bank; to articles that praise its ability to help fight internal parasites in small ruminants.  Determination of whether it is good or bad, gets the quintessential Extension answer – It depends.

UGA Forage Extension Team

Calving percentage is widely recognized as the variable having the greatest impact on profitability of a cow-calf operation.  Because expenditures for feed are so large, minimizing those costs is perhaps the next most important strategy to enhance profitability.  Expenditures for hay or baleage and supplements usually represent the largest portion of the total feed budget.  Most of those expenses are for winter feed.

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