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Forage Facts: UGA Extension Forage Newsletter

2007 Archive

  • Winter/Spring 2007: Vol 5 Number 1 
    Weed control of annual ryegrass; Intake rate of annual ryegrass; Good Question!: Teff, Net energy for lactation of bermudagrass compared to other crops, seeded bermudagrasses; Research Highlights: Persistence of NE, Wild type EI, and E- Jesup Tall Fescue; Herbage response of bahiagrass to management intensity.

2005 Archive

  • Summer 2005: Vol 4 Number 2 
    2005 Tri-State Hay Contest, Heat Monitoring of Hay, Sampling Hay Lots, Bermudagrass Leaf Spot Information, TN/GA Bermudagrass Workshop Scheduled.

2004 Archive

  • Spring 2004 : Vol 3 Number 1 
    Herbicide update, website update, upcoming field days, hay season tips, timely management tips.
  • Summer 2004: Vol 3 Number 2 
    Testing rained-on or late-cut hay is important, potential late summer hay field and pasture problems, forage herbicide update (picloram plantback, diuron for bermudagrass, Surmount and Pasturegard), forage calendar, non-toxic tall fescue will pay for cow-calf producers, abstract of interest.

2003 Archive

  • Spring 2003 : Vol 2 Number 1
    New Forage Website and Publications, Dormant Sprigging Bermudagrass, White Grubs in Forages, Effects of Ryegrass in Bermudagrass Pastures
  • Summer 2003 : Vol 2 Number 2
    Web Page Update, Forage Fed Beef Issues, Bermudagrass Hay Testing Program, Georgia Grazing School Planned.
  • Fall 2003 : Vol 2 Number 3
    Georgia Grazing School Update, Two-lined Spittlebugs, 2003 Recommended Small Hrain Forage Varieties, Forage Calendar, Abstract of Interest.
  • Winter 2003 : Vol 2 Number 4
    Frost Seeding, Replacing Toxic Tall Fescue, Upcoming Events, Abstract of Interest.

2002 Archive