2015 Georgia Grazing School

September 15-16, 2015 Carroll County Extension Office and Agri-Center Carrollton, Ga

The 2015 Georgia Grazing School is now one for the recordbooks. However, if you are interested in delving deeper into these topics, additional grazing information is provided here. Below are links to all the materials that were in the Grazing School notebook, and a few other articles that are only available on the web. For those who would like to download the entire 2015 Grazing School notebook as a pdf eBook, click here for the pdf. (Caution: this notebook is 400+ pages long and the file is 57.3 MB, so a high-speed internet connection is RECOMMENDED.)

Table of Contents

  1. Manipulating forage growth and grazing behavior
  2. Southern Forages: Forage yield, distribution, and quality
  3. Soil fertility and nutrient cycling in grazing systems
  4. Managing, utilizing, and maintaining legumes
  5. Grazing systems, methods, and tricks
  6. Segregating herds based on animal class and nutritional need
  7. Optimizing the size, number, and layout of your paddocks
  8. Managing forage surplus and deficits
  9. Choosing the right fence, fence charger, & wire or tape for your grazing system
  10. Selecting the right watering system & sizing the supply for your grazing system
  11. Economics of better grazing management
  12. Cost assistance programs that aid the transition
  13. New weed management tools for grazed pastures
  14. Extending the grazing season and critically evaluating novel grazing systems
  15. Sketching out the ideal – planning the grazing system
  16. Weeds are great forage – teach your livestock to eat them