2016 Southeast Hay Convention

The 2016 Southeast Hay Convention Presented by Kubota was held on March 8-9, 2016 at the Sunbelt Ag Expo grounds in Moultrie, GA. This event was another resounding success! An archived copy of the agenda is provided here. We are also proud to welcome Kubota as a partner in this program. Program details are provided below.

Program Details

Below is an outline of the major topics that were covered. Click the link for more information about the topic.

  1. Fertilization Outlook for Hay Producers
  2. Climate Outlook and Implications for the Hay Market
  3. Weed Management Recommendations for 2016
  4. Weed Biology and Competition with Forage Crops
  5. The Uptake, Mode of Action, and Fate of Herbicides Used in Hayfields
  6. Herbicide Resistance: A Growing Issue for Hay Producers
  7. Calibrating and Cleaning Pesticide Application Equipment
  8. Selecting Appropriate Nozzles
  9. Growing Alfalfa in the South
  10. Alfalfa Management and Trait Selection
  11. Forage Quality Improvements When Using Alfalfa
  12. Insect Management Update
  13. Bermudagrass Stem Maggot Research Update
  14. The Keys to Making Great Baleage
  15. Sampling Hay and Baleage for Forage Analysis
  16. Renovation and Seedbed Preparation
  17. Methods of Vegetative Establishment

Demonstration Materials


Putting on these events can be extremely expensive. Therefore, we are extremely appreciative of contributions of our program sponsors. Please extend a thank you to Kubota Tractor Corporation, our Title Sponsor for this year's event; our Break Sponsors: Inland Tarp & LinerAmerica's AlfalfaTeeJet, and The Wax Company; as well as our other Exhibitors.