Berseem Clover

Berseem clover is a non-bloating winter annual that is adapted to the southern part of the state. Stands in north Georgia are frequently winterkilled. Berseem has a longer grazing season, a lower bloat potential, and produces higher yields than crimson clover. Berseem is not tolerant of acid soils, but typically does better than many other winter annual legumes in poorly drained sites. Berseem also has a higher boron requirement than other annual clovers and often does better on soils with more organic matter. Berseem is not a good reseeder. Seed supplies are limited, but look for 'Bigbee' or 'Frosty.' Because this species is often seeded with multiple grass and/or legume species, see Establishment of Cool Season Annual Legumes for more details.

Berseem clover

Dr. Dennis Hancock
Forage Extension Specialist
Crop & Soil Sciences Dept.