2018 Alfalfa in the South Workshops

May 2018 | Calhoun Co. | Bacon Co. | Tift Co. | Irwin Co. 

The 2018 Alfalfa in the South workshops are now in the books! If you are interested in revisiting the topics presented, or learning more about these topics, additional information is provided here. Below are links to all the materials that were in the Alfalfa in the South notebook. Download the entire 2018 Alfalfa in the South notebook as a pdf eBook. (Caution: this notebook is 100+ pages long and the file is 70+ MB in total, so a high-speed internet connection is RECOMMENDED.)

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome, Introductions, and Why Alfalfa?
  2. Site Selection and Establishment
  3. Improving Animal Performance with Alfalfa
  4. Managing Alfalfa for Persistence
  5. Alfalfa Breeding Program
  6. Alfalfa Research Updates
  7. Appendix: Misc. Resources

Welcome, Introductions, and Why Alfalfa? (PDF)
    Speaker: Dr. Dennis Hancock, UGA Professor and Forage Extension Specialist

Site Selection and Persistence (PDF)
    Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Tucker, UGA Asst. Professor, Animal and Dairy Sciences

Improving Animal Performance with Alfalfa (PDF)
    Speaker: Dr. Kim Mullenix, Auburn University Asst. Professor and Beef Extension Specialist

Managing Alfalfa for Persistence (PDF)
    Speaker: Dr. Dennis Hancock

Alfalfa Breeding Program
    Speakers: Dr. Joe Bouton, UGA Professor Emeritus, Forage Breeding
                  Dr. Ali Missaoui, UGA Asst. Professor, Forage Breeding

            Alfalfa Breeding - A History at UGA
            UGA Alfalfa Research and Cultivar Development

Alfalfa Research Updates
    University of Georgia and Auburn University Graduate Students

            Managing Alfalfa-Bermudagrass Mixtures in the Southeast: Simulated Grazing
            Impact of Potassium Application and Harvest Regime in Alfalfa Yield and Persistence
            Development of Grazing Recommendations for Managing Alfalfa-Bermudagrass Mixtures


    Interseeding Alfalfa into Bermudagrass   
    Alfalfa Management in Georgia


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